The ultimate holiday gift guide for the frequent traveller

The ultimate holiday gift guide for the frequent traveller

The ultimate holiday gift guide for the frequent traveller

Are your friends or family big travel lovers? You’re eager to buy the perfect gift for your travel comrade but you’re totally stuck on what to buy them? If this all sounds too familiar, there are plenty of unique gifts on the planet, ideal for every travel enthusiast out there, but the challenge can be not knowing where to start. I’ve certainly struggled in the past with gift buying, but I overcame my shoppers block with personalised gift checklists designed to meet the needs of each recipient. By putting pen to paper through meticulous online research, my lists allowed me to choose meaningful products based on suitability and productivity. I would love to show you how it works.. I’ll be counting from 1 to 12, gift ideas to get you started, guaranteed to make any traveller’s holiday thrive.

1. HAMA Slim Power Pack, 5000 MAH Mint Green

Smartphones are a wonderful creation, but the battery life can be rather draining at the best of times! You can fix that with the ‘Hama “SLIM 5HD” Power Pack, 5000 mAh, mint green’ Providing a slim solution for power pack cells, the external battery is small and compact thanks to its high-density lithium polymer cells. If you’re on a travel tour or adventure day out, you don’t need to worry about any low battery alerts with the Hama socket. The petite design of this power pack is perfect for travelling, as it fits into any jacket or trouser pocket, ensuring your smartphone’s power supply is guaranteed when you’re out and about.

2. Tile Mate Bluetooth Phone Item Finder with Replaceable Battery

There can be nothing more annoying than misplaced small items, especially lost keys! No matter how hard I try and keep on top of things before my departure day, any last minute pre-travel jitters are usually magnified when I find myself rustling through my bags at last-minute for my important commodities. Since then, I’ve found myself the Tile Mate’ – a versatile water resistant Bluetooth finder which I personally now use, but it’s also an excellent gift idea. With a replaceable battery and Smart Home integration, you can freely go about your day without having to be fixed in one place. It is easy to attach to everyday items such as keys, bags and backpacks, minimising any extra worries on your all-important getaway.

3. STYLPRO 4-in-1 Facial Steamer

For all of you backpackers and activity seekers out there, this product may really hit the spot. By adding a touch of spa treatment to your holiday with the STYLPRO 4-in-1 Facial Steamer you’ll get to indulge in much-needed relaxation after long days of physical activity. The Facial Steamer warms towels, steams your face, humidifies rooms and diffuses aromatherapy oils, for the complete spa-style treatment. I have tried and tested this gold little nugget, and I’m certainly not complaining with my all-in-one facial!

4. Forclaz Waterproof Foldable Backpack 20L – Travel

We all think this is a such a marvellous yet totally simple creation – yes, a foldable backpack! Every backpacker could do with life made a little easier with these Forclaz Waterproof Foldable Backpacks Compact and waterproof, the spare backpack folds up on itself and fits in the pocket of another backpack, resulting in the ideal solution for short excursions and one-day trips. It’s not hard to see why these bags are so popular among many backpackers today, why not give them a go for your next exploration getaway?

5. Lamy Pico Black Ballpoint Pen

While it’s a practical idea, to take a pen with you on your travels for many reasons, bringing multiple economy pens in bulk can become an annoyance. I’m sure many of you can relate when pens go walkabout, or you find the ink is sucked dry like water drawn from the Grand Canyon. The Lamy Pico Black Ballpoint Pen is a sturdy alternative, bringing a unique design and quirky style to the table. Working well as the ideal travelling companion, the pen features a lacquer finish and a compact LAMY M22 Medium compact refill and is the perfect addition to any stationery collection.

6. Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser WP-463UK – Blue

Keeping your oral health in check whilst on your travels is just as important as your routine at home. To  avoid any unwanted trips to the dentist on your return, you may want to invest in a Cordless Water Flosser for maximum care and minimum hassle. The Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser WP-463UK stands out as being one of the best flossing products for ease of use, deep cleaning results and level of capacity. With a rechargeable battery and compact design, it’s a great solution if you prefer the convenience of a cordless electric Water Flosser on your holidays. I’m very impressed with what I see, let’s all get some jet-set gleaming!

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7. Ansmann Twinflex Reading Light  

If you love your fix of ‘holiday reads’ on holiday, portable reading lights are a MUST for the night time. While emitting idyllic ambient lighting when the room’s main lights are turned off, these handy night lights ensure the highest level of protection for your eyes. Ansmann Twinflex Reading Light – £8.50 from Camping World is great, as it comes with two lamp heads that are equipped with the latest SMD LEDs. They provide pleasant, natural white light with high contrast specially for comfortable reading with no eye strain, while being easily battery operated. I think my Ansmann Twinflex is amazing value for money, plus it’s constantly proving to me it’s durability and power to withstand all environments.

8. Theragun PRO Smart Percussive Therapy Device

At some point while being on holiday, you’ll probably have to deal with the hauling of luggage, sitting or standing for long periods of time or being confined to a vehicle for hours on end. I’ve experienced some short-term minor aches and pains myself on past trips, and I have to say it did negatively affect my overall time away. While suffering with muscle tension on the road, the aim was to find products that would elevate any short-term pain for me, while preventing any long term issues occurring. A tried and tested product for me, that has recently received above average reviews is the Theragun PRO Smart Percussive Therapy Device It features a deep muscle treatment, enhancing muscle recovery, releasing stress and tension, plus it soothes any discomfort with a smart percussive therapy device. The personalised level of treatment has really reduced muscle soreness for me, plus increased my relaxation levels considerably. We all want the freedom to savour every last moment of our holiday, so it’s worth investing in an effective all-in-one therapy product that will take care of any unwanted aches and pains.

9. Give the gift experience of a lifetime

Experiences Lead to Richer Memories … and how true that saying is! When it come to buying material gifts for people, through objects, it can be hard expressing how deeply you care about someone, whereas when you give the gift of a memory or experience, it can signify more gratitude and thought. I have been on some wonderful adventure days and experiences with many companies, including Red Letter Days in the past, and let’s just say, these experiences were unforgettable and special. Sharing these unique adventures together with my friends and family have bonded us closer together, and the memories will be cherished for years and decades to come. Red Letter Days are one of my top picks, offering a huge range of unforgettable gift experiences, from first-class suppliers and top brands. Offerings include supercar driving days, flying lessons, fine dining experiences, cocktail making, cookery classes, wine tasting, theatre evenings and sightseeing tours. But if you still need some guidance choosing the best experience for your loved one, check out Red Letter Days to get a taste of what they offer.

10. Sony SRS-XB13 – Compact & Portable

Headphones rock, but if you’re in need of some impactful surround sound, they don’t always make the grade. Headphones will never let you feel the bass the way you can with speakers, while with speakers your environment will come alive with lively sound waves. Whether you’re on a beach holiday, city break or camping retreat, they’ll always be a unique time to use portable speakers. My top choice is Sony SRS-XB13 – Compact & Portable speakers… they have worked a treat at my camping parties. Thanks to the sound diffusion processor with extra bass, full-range speaker and passive radiator, the speakers deliver powerful surround sound, deep punchy bass, clear vocals and holds up to 16 hours of battery life.. get your play list at the ready!

11. Quest 35330 750W Travel Steam Iron 

We’ve all experienced those nightmare moments where we unpack our ‘neatly folded’ clothes, only to find they transformed into creased crinkles. I always use travel Irons when I’m away now, as they maintain the freshness and original look of my clothes for a long time afterwards. When it comes to the Quest 35330 750W Travel Steam Iron this travel iron is lightweight & potable, and features a fully foldable handle that makes it perfect to fit into bags & suitcases. And before you worry about where you can use this product, it features a dual voltage functionality that easily allows you to switch between 115V or 230V, ensuring it will work wherever you are in the world. Imagine a picturesque vacation where you never have to fret about a wrinkled garment ever again!

12. Soft Comfortable Hooded Neck Travel Pillow

Last but not least, let’s get things cosy with travel pillow. Most of us know what a travel pillow looks like, because we frequently use these handy items on our flights, but what if I were to say you could add a cosy hoody into the mix? This Soft Comfortable Hooded Neck Travel pillow is lightweight, yet incredibly soft and comfortable, ideal for those tedious long-haul flights. The pillow is made of comforting fabric material and filled with supporting polystyrene micro beads, which adjusts to your neck, effectively relieving neck / shoulder pain. This marvellous creation tops the Grandio list for being inventive, affordable and effective!

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