The Lay-Z-Spa 180cm wide Miami AirJet can comfortably take 2-4 adults in water as warm as
40°C – just right for an evening relaxing.

Perfect for a relaxed evening in the garden, the inflatable Lay-Z-Spa Miami AirJet is warm,
comfortable and will last you many a summer.

The walls of the inflatable spa are made of durable, three-layer Tritech and it comes with a
reinforced cover with safety clips to keep the water at temperature while you’re not in it. The cover
will also keep people and things out that shouldn’t be!

The warming system can heat the water at roughly 2.0°C an hour, quickly taking things up to a
comfortable temperature. At maximum temperature, it will get up to a balmy 40°C – perfect for those
late summer evenings when it gets cooler at night.

At 52cm deep inside, and an internal width of 1.32m, this has ample capacity for you and your
friends to relax. Coming with 81 air jets pumping the water at around 1,325 liters an hour. The
water is filtered as it is jetted around, through a replaceable filter cartridge that should be replaced
roughly every two weeks.



  • width (in cm)180 cm
  • height (in cm)66 cm
  • length (in cm)180 cm


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