DIOR Iconic Duo – J’adore Eau de Parfum & Rouge Dior Lipstick Bundle


Two Dior makeup and fragrance icons: the J’adore eau de parfum and the Rouge Dior lipstick. An essential duo to make the spirit of the House of Dior your own.

The legendary J’adore fragrance trail reveals its floral and fruity notes on your skin. Marked with a voluptuous sensuality, the J’adore eau de parfum is as feminine as its bottle.

The emblematic lipstick from the House of Dior, Rouge Dior unveils a new formula enriched with floral extracts. Now refillable, this Dior lipstick enhances lips with 75 bold colours in satin, matte, metallic and – for the 1st time at Dior – velvet finishes.


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