BATTERY 36V 10.4 AH B’EBIKE 700 & 900 ELOPS 700 & 900


36V 10.4Ah battery for B’twin B’Ebike 700 & 900 Elops 700 & 900

For changes… And for planning ahead.



Voltage: 36 V
Amperage: 10.4 Ah
W: 374.4 W

Assembly tips

A connection to the charger is required to get the battery out of its standby mode.

Maintenance tips

If you store the battery, recharge it at least every 3 months.
Battery life is reduced when temperatures drop below 7 degrees. Battery life can vary depending on the pedal assist, the tyre pressure and cycling use.


Remember to bring back your charger, as well as your worn out battery in store.We are a collection point and are able to reintegrate them in the appropriate recycling network.


Do you have any doubts about your battery’s output power or do you want to know what condition your battery is in? Our teams can perform a diagnosis for you. Please stop off at the nearest Decathlon workshop. (Important: please plan several working days for this diagnosis)


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