Drops Of Ambience – FREE Music & Meditation Videos

Take in the relaxing sights and sounds of this video, fully immersing you in the grips of nature. Our videos will let you escape from your work, study or busy life, ultimately providing you with some meaningful reflection time for yourself. If you suffer with insomnia, this will help ease those restless nights.

Studies have already examined the effects of sound meditation and the impact that this practice has on us is nothing short of extraordinary. Relaxing sound videos significantly help to reduce tension, anger, anxiety, while increasing our overall spiritual well-being. Our brain’s don’t even know the difference between watching something on a screen and living through the actual experience, as our cultivating concentration develops greater insight into the nature of reality.

Drops of Ambience wants to take your consciousness into higher realms with our library of powerful videos, all designed to restore your inner calm while being in the present moment.

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