How to survive a long-haul flight

The thought of making it through a long flight can create a sense of dread, leaving us totally drained, stressed and unprepared for what’s to come, but there are a few easy steps you can take to ensure a seamless and comfortable travel experience. I’ve laid down some top tips for long-haul flight survival of the fittest.

Onboard a flight
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Carry a Flight Kit

Flight Kit
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Choosing to have a pre-packed travel kit on board can have a positive impact on your well-being because it helps ease flight discomfort plus you have everything you need all in one place. I always carry a pair of headphones in my kit for in-flight movies or to catch up on some great tunes on the journey. Other ideas for your kit can include, a calming travel eye-mask, face towels, note book, chapstick and a toothbrush. All of your essentials will be within reach, enabling you to inject maximum pleasure into your flight experience.

Choose the best seat

Plane Seat
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There’s such a thing as a bad airline seat, but are there any good seats choices? Let’s face it, economy is not always the most comfortable way to travel as it is, however there are some little hacks I can share with you, but it will depend on your custom requirements. First things first, if the airline allows you to select your seats through a seat assignment chart online, you should jump at the chance. With this method you’ll get first dibs on selection, while visualising the whole layout of the plane, including emergency exits, toilets etc. Don’t assume that any empty seats next to you, will stay empty though, as customers can book at short notice. Next step, which seats will you pick? If you like your leg space, then select the exit rows or the very front rows of the plane. If you prefer moving around on the plane or you need quick access to the toilets, then the aisle seat is the best choice. You may find that the back on the plane is the emptiest part of the plane but it can get rather noisy with the engine noise, plus any turbulence can get more bumpy at the back.

Bring your own snacks

Flight snacks
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There will be meals and snacks available on a long haul flight, but if you’re thrifty like me, you may wish to consider bringing your own food for the ride. You can bring just about any item of food onto a plane, as long as it’s packaged and TSA compliant. It’s not always so straightforward with inflight meals because you can’t control the airlines serving times, and that can be frustrating at the best of times. The quality of the food may not always be the best either, or it could be that you want to avoid paying more money. Either way, bringing your own pre-brought snacks can certainly help satisfy the hunger pangs on your long winded journey.

Prepare your flight entertainment

Apple Media
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In-flight entertainment is so technically advanced nowadays, featuring a wide range of Movies, TV, Games and Music to sink your teeth into. You will find hours of varied content on board your flight, but if you’re not a fan of the in-flight selection, you could always bring your own entertainment. Instead of relying on the standard in-flight entertainment, having a device with your own personal playlist of shows and programs will be sure to keep your engagement up. I just think it’s nice to have all of my fave’s in one place.

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Keep your feet moving

Walking around on a plane
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When the ‘Fasten Seatbelt’ sign is off, there’s no reason why you can’t get up and go for a wander around the plane. Sitting for a long time in an airplane can limit blood circulation, so it’s encouraged to remain physically active. Keeping things moving boosts morale and is guaranteed to make your long-haul flight a far more relaxing experience. Even the simplest of movements and stretches in your seat is beneficial for your overall health and well-being, plus it keeps the blood flowing!

Keep your clothing comfortable

Packing comfortable clothes
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In-flight comfort for me is a total must! The last thing I ever want to feel is uncomfortable and restricted with the wrong clothing, while coping with a long-haul flight. The perfect formula for an easy to wear clothing is a combination of soft and light item fabrics. There’s plenty of options out there which are both fashionable yet comfy, ranging from stretchy leggings to loose and flowing tank tops. Keep it versatile, lightweight and relatively loose and there won’t be any issues. Oh, and don’t forget your snug shoes!

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