6 important checklist preparations you can make before travelling

6 important checklist preparations you can make before travelling

6 important checklist preparations you can make before travelling

Isn’t it amazing taking that big sigh of relief, when you’ve just landed at your final holiday destination. At this point, you’re all relaxed and you’re ready for what wonderful things come your way. But honestly, do we think enough about all of the pre-planning that goes into the holiday build up? I’m sure most of us would love heaps of time to prepare for our travels, but that can not always be a reality because life can get in the way. The stresses of work, children, study, etc. can have a major impact on how we organise our travels, but don’t worry -I’m going to help you out. I’ve tried and tested 6 important checklist preparations you can make before travelling.. Let’s go..

1. Pack a travel survival kit

Have you ever overpacked for a holiday, only to find out that any items you really did need, were left astray? What if I were to say, that you could separately pack all of your mini essentials in one trusty DIY style kit. No matter where you are in the world, it’s always reassuring to feel like you have all of your vital items close by, at the tip of your fingers. By keeping all of your indispensable items in one place with your own tailored kit, you’ll replace your endless ‘searching time’ with quality vacation time. If you’re totally unsure about what items to pack in your kit, here’s some ideas to get you started; medicines, any important paperwork, suncreams and lotions, phone chargers, house keys, itineraries, vitamins, sunglasses, hand sanitisers and bandages. Your kit is a reflection of you as a person, so try I always try to pack stuff that’s imperative to my needs.

2. Travel adapters at the ready?

On my trip to USA, I forgot one of the most crucial accessories you could ever need while being abroad – the one and only travel adapter! Arriving without an adapter was a big nuisance for me, because I was not in a location where adapters were readily available, plus my phone battery icons were lowering by the minute. As many of us rely on technology so much nowadays, you ideally want to invest in a good quality travel adapter that provides sufficient power for your phones and other tech accessories while being away. You need to be selective when choosing the right adapter for the country you’re in, but if you just want an all round universal adapter that works everywhere, then The Compact and lightweight SBOX Universal Travel Adapter + USB, £21.99 from Robert Dyas can be used globally is a perfect choice.

3. Keep your upcoming bills in check

Keep on top of bills before travel
There are many banking apps you can use to keep on track with your finances

I can honestly say that, throughout my past I’ve not always been the most organised person when it comes to money. When I was younger, it was all about ‘quick fix money’ wherever I could get my hands on it. Maxed out credit cards were a trend, while the concept of savings became non-existent. I’ve learned from my mistakes, and I’ve began to take a different perspective on money. You can have a great control over your Money if you really WANT to, even if it involves cutting back on that expensive outfit you have your eye on for yonks, and instead opting for a more affordable replica. I’ve began walking to work now, instead of paying for a short train ride that’s only 5-10 minutes up the road… fantastic for the savings, but also for the calves! Besides that, I use a ‘Save the change’ facility on my bank to save money too, because it rounds up your transactions to the nearest pound, while the difference in change is transferred through to my savings account. This banking perk is really useful, because those few pennies you don’t even bother about begin to flourish in your savings pocket. In a nutshell, the key is figuring out where your money is going and then taking action on that. While it may seem harder than it sounds, drastically cutting down your expenses through small and signifiant changes will become a new way of life for you, making your travel dreams far more possible in the future. When I travel nowadays, it’s truly a fantastic feeling knowing that all of my bills are taken care of, especially when I think of how much I struggled with my finances in the past. Through the gradual changes that I’ve made and the subtle diligence when tracking and utilising my money, I have more control over my money and where it goes.

4. Lay out your clothes and travel day essentials the night before

Laying out your holiday outfit

It’s such an easy concept, but a complete game changer in my opinion..and it all boils down to laying your clothes out before the big day. And no, this hack is not only for wedding days! Carrying out a simple outfit preparation the day before your travel day, will guarantee a smooth post-packing experience, and what I mean by that is; less bag rustling, lower blood pressure all round and a smoother morning in general! Having your outfit at the ready, will give you a little extra time in your day to pack your other last-minute essentials, plus it will save you having to bag search for any misplaced items of clothing. This little hack has worked wonders for me, and trust me, it never gets old.

Some last-minute little travel extras to remember…

Ted Baker’s Travel Washbag Gift – £12 from Boots
Adidas Entrada Sweat Hoodie
Adidas Entrada Sweat Hoodie – £30 from Decathlon
4 Piece 600GSM Zero Twist Towel Bale - 2 Hand Towels, 2 Bath Sheets
4 Piece 600GSM Zero Twist Towel Bale – 2 Hand Towels, 2 Bath Sheets – £28.68 from The Towel Shop

5. Do some last-minute saving

You’re itching to get away on your travels, but when it comes to your finances, things may not be looking quite as exciting. But the outlook doesn’t need to be bleak, as there are many productive ways to save the pennies before your big getaway. You’ll see that there are many small yet significant ways you can save up for the holiday you deserve, ranging from money management(see tip 3.) to cutting down on things(which includes avoiding passing that gorgeous jacket you had your eye on in the shop window!) There’s also an effective way of maximising your savings, through cash-back and survey sites. There are some fantastic money making survey sites out there that pay in cash instantly to your Paypal account, such as Qmee, I’ve used Qmee for approx. 4 years now, and I’ve never looked back. Each survey will tell you the duration and earnings before you commit to taking it, and while you think 40p, £1, is not that much, when you begin to take a few of these surveys it quickly builds into £10..£20..then more! There have often been times I’ve made £250 in a month, when I’ve had more time to spare. Another productive earning option to grasp is cash back sites, dedicated to all avid shoppers like myself. With cash back sites, you can pay for products at your favourite stores, while reaping a percentage of the rewards back in cold hard cash. Topcashback is a fantastic site if you’re a big spender, as you’ll be able to keep up with your shopping habits while watching the money roll into your Topcashback account. I’ve made some great earnings through Topcashback, because I love to shop, and I don’t even realise the money I’m wracking up while I’m on my online shopping spree. By signing up to TopCashback through this link, you’ll benefit by receiving an instant £10 sign up in your account.

Another great money making concept is being heard by your favourite brands through taking video surveys. Influence is my favourite video market research app, that pays to film answers to questions. It’s another instant payment facility where you can wrack up the cash quickly through surveys and product testing. In the past, I have been selected to not only film reviews, but I have also become a product tester by Influence and it’s really fun. I particularly loved trying exclusive chewing gums, chocolates and healthy fruit drinks that had been sent to me through the post. Seriously, all I needed to do was eat and then film a minute long video about it! Up your street?…You can get started with Influence here

6. Print your tickets and travel documents in advance

Print travel documents before travel
No printer? Get yourself the Epson Expression Photo XP-970 Three-in-One A3 Wireless Inkjet Printer – £219.99 from Ryman

When living within a world that’s so reliant on tech devices these days, we can practically store any official document into our phone at the drop of a hat. E-tickets and documents are all well and good, however they’re not 100% full-proof. Phones can break, batteries can die and apps can freeze, and that can leave us frazzled! Why not simply print off your boarding passes, hotel/package holiday details, medical forms, visa documents and everything in advance, that way you’ll be making your life a whole lot easier in the long run if your device breaks, or you can’t find one of your documents on your phone. I make sure all of my documents are printed off beforehand, and I use the – Epson Expression Photo XP-970 Three-in-One A3 Wireless Inkjet Printer – £219.99 from Ryman – to do it with. It’s never let me down so far, with it’s multi-functional with exceptional print quality.

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