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Hi guys, Nikki here. I do hope you stay a while! Being an avid travel fan, keeps my world open to all possibilities. From cuisines to cultures, I’ve explored many exciting destinations in the past, that have increased my awareness and knowledge of the amazing world around us. Making the decision to share my passion with you all through my love of travel, has been the best experience yet. I would love nothing more than to keep you up to date with all of my top travelling hacks, general holiday guides, mainstream articles, plus I would love to let you in on my own personal holiday and hotel reviews.. What are we waiting for, let’s embark…

The ultimate holiday gift guide for the frequent traveller

I will be bringing you impartial reviews of luxury and boutique hotels over the world. I will do all the work and deliver you the best information so that you can make the best informed travel decisions!

Planning holiday outfits

Fancy tingling your taste buds with exotic cuisine, staying up to date with the top packing hacks or maybe you fancy reading up about the best cruises? You’ll find everything in the Grandio Travel Blog

6 easy checklist preparations you can make before travelling

I’m sure there have been many times you’ve reached your destination, only to find your must-have items have been left behind. Stay ahead of the travel game with the Grandio Travel Shop

'To travel is to live'

Looking at the world through a lense

The main driving force behind Grandio Travel was one very big word ….’inspiration.’ I can honestly say, hand on heart, that travelling has put everything into perspective for me because it’s allowed me to gain considerable insight into a whole new way of life. The pursuit of Grandio Travel is to open doors into self-discovery through travel and exploration. Travelling so far, has transformed me in ways I can’t imagine and would love to inspire you in the same way.

Growing up in the sunny seaside coast of Brighton, I already began to get a taste of glorious holiday life from a young age. Living life practically on a caravan park was laid-back and joyful, with never a dull moment! Having moved from a chilled Brighton to a more fast-paced London at age 17, then into a cultured Glasgow at 26, you could say travelling became second nature. Being a savvy traveller through profound research and the willing to grow with curiosity, has made me so much smarter in the long run, so it only makes sense for me to share my knowledge with you in the same way. Travelling enhances everyone’s understanding of the world, so I would love nothing more than to bring you along for the crazy ride.

Grandio Travel

8 packing hacks for travelling with only a carry-on

8 packing hacks for travelling with only a carry-on

How to survive a long-haul flight

How to survive a long-haul light

Valletta, Malta

Top 6 destinations to visit this summer

A holiday needs must-have essentials!

View some of the highlights from the Grandio Travel ‘Travel Essentials’ Section

3 of the best skiing regions in France – ‘Ski France’ If you’re planning of hitting the slopes on your next holiday, it’s clearly worth setting your sights on France as your next Ski destination. Home to some of the largest Ski areas in the world, France offers everything from high-altitudes, epic slopes, magnificent scenery … Continue reading…3 of the best skiing regions in France – ‘Ski France’

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